Services to Keep You Drilling

HDD servicesWith decades of combined experience in the HDD Industry, Century Products has the knowledge to help manage your equipment assets. Whether you are looking for advice on tool selection or looking to extend your tools usage, we deliver value-added services to improve the performance and reliability of your companies biggest assets – the equipment used to get the job done!

Time Saving Recommendations

Working closely with Project Managers, we provide Rig Management assistance to optimize your resources. Outfitting new or used rigs or outlining necessary reaming phases tailored to upcoming projects and objectives is an integral service to help our clients achieve their goals.

Re-Investing In Your Assets

Decisions on whether to purchase new or repair old tools play a critical role in your companies ROI. We believe in helping our customers get the most out of their investments by providing re-buildable designs that take a disposable piece of equipment and turning it into an asset. The result is a positive effect on your ROI when evaluating the financial consequences of your business actions. If your tool is able to be rebuilt, we tell you. Your bottom line performance is just as important to us as it is to you. And if it is a waste of your money to rebuild your tool, we will tell you that as well. You need to invest wisely in the tools that get you where you’re going. As your business partner, we will work with you to make sure you are making the right investment choice when it comes to your assets.

Performance Driven Solutions

Performance Driven Results


rig up packages Keep your focus on the profit side of the business while we put together a complete tool package for any new or used rigs in your inventory.

Dull Bit Analysis

Dull Bit Analysis Transform a disposable piece of equipment into an asset by taking advantage of the ability to re-build Century Hole Openers and Fly Cutters.

Swivel Repair Analysis

Swivel Repair Analysis A complete refurbishment of Century Maxi Swivels can be performed to keep your swivels in compliance and on the job.

Shaft & Hole Opener Re-Threading

API Rethreading From simple re-threading of shafts or subs to the more complex job of re-threading Hole Openers, Fly…


weld integrity services Ensure peace of mind in knowing that your downhole tool can withstand the extreme forces encountered.


welding services From Hole Openers to Fly Cutters to Rebuilds, our full service welding capabilities provide you with the tools…