Jet Nozzle Field Kit

Jet Nozzle Field KitIn- Field Tool Kit

In- Field Nozzle Kit for jet replacements. The complete kit comes with a variety of jet nozzle sizes, retainers and O-rings to ensure proper fluid volume. Also included is the Retainer Tool to aid in removal and replacement of jet nozzles. By optimizing your hydraulics you can improve hole cleaning, extend tool life and most importantly, increase rate of penetration.

Bottom-line Performance

Every Century Hole Opener has been engineered to improve the hydraulic effect of the drilling fluid at the bit to maximize the available fluid dynamics. That is why we feel every jobsite should have a Jet Nozzle Field Kit for in-field replacement of any worn or blocked jet nozzles. It is the small things that can really make a difference in your drilling performance – don’t overlook the effect of increased fluid volume!