Hole Openers – Falcon FR Series

Century Falcon FR Series Hole Opener

Sizes:  18″ – 30″

Cutters:  12 ½” & 17″

Profile:  TCI Conical | TCI Chisel | Milled Tooth

Thread Connections:  5-1/2″ FHDS | 4-1/2″ I.F. (NC-50) | 3-1/2″ I.F. (NC-38)

Rig Size:  200,000 lbs. and less

HDD Tooling - HDD Hole Openers - HDD Falcon FR Series Hole Opener | Century Products Inc

Patent Pending Design

Field Replaceable Assemblies

Engineered specifically for contractors who need flexibility, the Falcon FR features Field Replaceable Assemblies that utilize our Mechanical Bolted Design.  This simple yet incredibly strong design allows for drillers to be able to interchange Arm & Cone Assemblies right in the field – no welding required.   One body can be used for multiple cutting profiles to handle any formations encountered underground.

HDD Tooling - HDD Hole Openers - HDD Falcon FR Series Hole Opener | Century Products Inc
Engineered for Small HDD Rig Class

Century’s Falcon FR Series Hole Openers are ideal for 50 – 200 class rigs. They utilize larger cutter segments, 12 ½” or 17″, for longer down-hole time and improved bottom-line performance.  Small Rig Contractors should not have to walk away from a job when the going gets tough. That is why we offer this lighter weight Hole Opener which boasts a solid body welded to a shaft for superior strength along with the Field Replaceable Assemblies to keep drillers drilling.

Performance Driven Design

This solid body design virtually eliminates cutter flex, maximizing the energy directed to fracturing rock. Engineered to withstand the high rotational torque and pull forces required to fracture harder rock, the Falcon FR Hole Opener is a smooth running Hole Opener with high penetration rates.  Added to this performance-driven design is the ability to go from Pilot Hole to 24″ in a single pass.

Bottom-Line Performance

Your bottom-line performance matters to us. That is why we are always looking to bring tomorrow’s tools to you today.