Drilling Fluids

HDD Drilling Fluids - Cetco Bentonite | Century Products Inc


A wide variety of Cetco’s high quality sodium bentonite products engineered specifically for the HDD Industry.

HDD Drilling Fluids - Cetco Polymers - Cetco Additives | Century Products Inc

Polymers & Additives

Full line of high performing additives to handle the toughest soil conditions encountered.

HDD Drilling Fluids - Cetco Foundational Drilling | Century Products Inc

Foundational Drilling

Complete line of the highest quality slurries and additives offering outstanding drilling performance with environmentally sound properties.

HDD Drilling Fluids - Magma Fiber - Cetco Macro-Fill | Century Products Inc

Loss Circulation Material

Complimentary line of specially designed loss circulation material.

HDD Drilling Fluids - Fluid Testing Kit | Century Products Inc

Fluids Testing Equipment

Complete Kits and Individual Components to ensure the proper sand content, viscosity and PH of drilling fluid.