Drill Pipe Float Valves

Bakers Style Check ValveFor all diameters of drill rods

Our complete line of Float Valves and repair kits can accommodate a wide range of drilling situations and operating conditions. The Baker SPD Model F Plunger type valve offers positive and instant shut-off against high or low pressure, assuring continuous control of fluid flow during drilling. The fast-acting plunger valve eliminates breakage of wet joints.


  • Made of low carbon steel suitable for most applications
  • Parts are interchangeable with Baker style equipment
  • Provide added blowout protection at the bottom of the drill
  • Prevent flow-back when adding joints and bit plugging while making connections


Drill Pipe Float Valves
Valve Size
Part No.
4R Model F
3 15/32″
8 5/16″
5F-6R Model F
4 25/32″
11 3/4″