Fly Cutters – Osprey Series

Available in multiple size configurations up to 56″ with custom sizes available on request.

Century’s Osprey Series Fly Cutters are engineered for maximum performance and reliability. Working closely with drillers from leading infrastructure construction companies in North America, Century’s Engineering Team set out to develop a Fly Cutter that would excel in the harder soils, gravel and cobble as well as the softer sandstone and clay formations.  The Osprey Line of Fly Cutters boasts unique features no other Fly Cutter delivers.  Built from quality steel components with replaceable carbide teeth and jets, the Osprey Series Fly Cutters ensure unsurpassed structural integrity with a full face cutting pattern from shaft to ring.

HDD Tooling - HDD Cutters & Reamers - HDD Osprey Fly Cutter | Century Products Inc
Design Features
Every Osprey Fly Cutter is engineered with an angular tube design forward and aft along with Century’s Roof Truss Design.  With Push/Pull Reaming Capabilities and protected Recessed Fluid Nozzles, each Fly Cutter is equipped with a concentric forward and aft fluid nozzle pattern and replaceable Cutter Blocks with Rotating Teeth.  Front and Rear Stabilizer Bars are optional.

Engineered Design Advantages
This customer-focused initiative has led to the development of a Fly Cutter built with the same high quality standards found in every Century Hole Opener.  Key Design Features incorporated into every Osprey Series Fly Cutter contributes to the overall longevity and superior strength drillers are experiencing with the Osprey Fly Cutters.

Unsurpassed structural integrity is accomplished with Century’s Roof Truss Design and the Angular Tube Design forward and aft provides In-Hole Center Stabilization.  There is a larger flow through area for cutting removal and a full concentric sweep across the bore hole face with the protected fluid nozzles that all contribute to increased penetration rates.

Cutter Block Design HDD Tooling - HDD Cutters & Reamers - HDD Osprey Fly Cutter - Cutter Block Design | Century Products Inc
> Replaceable Stepped Cutter Block
with Rotating Teeth

Fluid Ports
> Recessed Nozzle Jet Assembly HDD Tooling - HDD Cutters & Reamers - HDD Osprey Fly Cutter - Jet Ports | Century Products Inc
with Replaceable Carbide Jets


Rear Stabilization
> Angular Tube Roof Truss Design HDD Tooling - HDD Cutters & Reamers - HDD Osprey Fly Cutter - Rear Stabilization | Century Products Inc


Shaft Protection

> Optional Front & Rear Stabilizer Bars HDD Tooling - HDD Cutters & Reamers - HDD Osprey Fly Cutter - Stabilizer Bars | Century Products Inc
with Carbide Inserts

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