Quality Steel Components

Made and Machined in the USASuperior Quality Steel

As a leading manufacturer of Hole Openers, Century Products knows there is a direct correlation between the quality of a product and the components that go into it. That is why every Century Hole Opener is manufactured with superior quality steel. From our Solid Body design welded to a shaft to our Arm and Cone Assemblies, only the best the steel industry has to offer is used. We require steel certifications for every component to ensure it meets the high standards we have in place for our Century Hole Openers.

Made and Machined in the USA

We proudly stand behind the “Made in the USA” quality standards. Every component that goes into a Century Hole Opener is produced with goods strictly manufactured in the U.S.A. We never look abroad for cheaper material to build our Hole Openers. All components from the shaft to the body to the Arm and Cone Assemblies are machined right here, in the U.S.A.

Precision Machined Solid BodyPrecision Machined Solid Body

Going along with our Made and Machined in the USA Philosophy, every Century Hole Opener is manufactured with a precision machined solid body. Integrated Fluid Chambers as well as a patented pocket design is incorporated into this design that is machined right here in the USA. Each body is subject to strict quality control measures in order to hold the tight tolerances called out for in our design.

Precision Machined Solid Body

quality cone forgingQuality Forgings Proudly Made in the USA

All of the steel for both the arms and cones is specifically ordered from a qualified vendor and forged in foundries in Wisconsin. Each forging is certified to specific chemical, mechanical and physical properties. Why do we do this? The answer is simple – greater strength than bar or plate.

You deserve the highest quality product for your business and that is what we offer to you – our customer!
quality arm forging