Fluids Testing Equipment

Fluids Testing EquipmentMud Testing Kit


  • 4-Scale Metal Mud Balance
  • Sand Content Kit
  • Marsh Funnel Viscometer & Cup
  • pH Testing Strips
  • Stopwatch


Sand Content Kit

Determines the volume percent of sand-sized particles in the drilling fluid

It is important to know the sand content of drilling muds because excessive sand may result in the deposition of a thick filter cake on the wall of the hole.  High sand content may also cause excessive abrasion affecting pump parts and pipe connections.  Sand sized particles are defined as anything larger than 74 microns.  This test can be performed on low solids muds as well as on weighted muds.

Marsh Funnel Viscometer

Used for routine quick measurements of fluid viscosity

The Marsh Funnel Viscometer is an excellent indicator of changes in drilling fluid properties. Viscosity is a measurement of a fluid’s resistance to flow: the greater the resistance, the higher the viscosity.  As measured by the Marsh Funnel, the viscosity of the fluid is influenced by the density of the fluid (solids content) and gelation rate (beneficiated solids content).  The viscosity of the drilling fluid in use should be based on a combination of the following parameters: drilling rate, pump and output capacity, mud density, cutting size, hole size and solids removal equipment.