C-PLATE™ Lubricant

Jet-Lube C-PlateFor protection against galling during the break-in process

C-Plate™ provides a durable micro-thin coating of copper to machined surfaces.  The micro-sized copper flakes adhere to the steel, utilizing a high-tech resin that air-cures at room temperature in 4 to 6 hours.  With the addition of heat, an even stronger, more durable bond may be achieved.   The thin copper coating provides a dissimilar metal which acts to prohibit the metal-to-metal contact under bearing loads which may cause galling damage to threaded connections.


  • Forms durable, acid-free, corrosion-resistant finish on fresh cut threads
  • Lead & Zinc free
  • Contains no ozone-depleting substances
  • Available in 12 oz. aerosol can