Drilling Fluid Descriptions

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Highly concentrated liquid polymer designed for fast field mixing and drilling applications to increase viscosity.

Granular bentonite designed for a variety of sealing applications (i.e. sealing casings, controlling loss of circulation, etc.).

Bentonite chips used between gravel pack and grout column, to decommission geotechnical boreholes and abandoned wells.

20% solids, polymer-free, single-component bentonite grout that allows placement in a low viscosity state.

Bentonite tablets used for sealing the annulus of waterwells and monitoring wells.

A concentrated, non-hazardous, proprietary clay inhibitor that can be used with either polymer or bentonite drilling fluid systems.

Prevents premature breakdowns of polymer drilling fluids which are destroyed by chlorine.

Liquid solution of non-ionic surfactants formulated to increase detergency and wetting properties of drilling fluids.

Proprietary mixture of metal oxides and alkaline salts formulated to augment gel strength in water and clay based drilling fluids.

Specially treated bentonite drilling fluid designed for directional drilling.  Suspends cuttings and maintains borehole integrity.

Designed to lower pH, break emulsions, and remove high levels of suspended solids.

High performance liquid flocculant designed to separate and settle out fine grains trapped within a viscous slurry.

Liquid polymer designed to improve drilling efficiency in both horizontal and vertical drilled holes through its rapid field mixing.

A granular, advanced super-absorbent material that rapidly absorbs and retains large volumes of water from aqueous solutions.

This coarse fiber gives increased circulation by bridging and plugging off voids, fractures, and all types of permeable formations.

Plugs formations that contain fractured sandstones, unconsolidated or highly permeable formations, natural fractures or voids and cavernous type loss zones.

200 mesh, 90 bbl yield sodium bentonite for freshwater drilling.

Biodegradable drilling fluid (clay free) designed for use in drilling operations where clay based drilling fluids are restricted.

A low viscosity, non-fermenting dry polymer designed for use as a more efficient filtration control additive.

Granular solid that dissolves completely in a Shore Pac polymer slurry. Powerful class III oxidizer that ensures rapid and complete slurry degradation.

Commonly called sodium carbonate, which separates calcium into sodium and carbonate ions in a solution.

Used to treat cement contamination in Shore Pac drilling slurry and bentonite drilling fluids.

200 bbl yield bentonite drilling fluid for maximum viscosity. Controls filtration rate for borehole stabilization and prevention of fluid loss.

Enhances properties of bentonite drilling fluids and creates optimum drilling efficiency through filtration control.

A highly concentrated additive offers immediate thinning action and reduces gel strength.

Dry biopolymer used to increase suspension of drilling cuttings in difficult formation and enhance gel strength.

High viscosity 230 bbl yield bentonite drilling fluid for maximum yield. Improves circulation, helps prevent fluid loss and lowers drilling fluid filtrate for borehole stabilization.

Ultra high-yielding, biodegradable liquid foaming agent for fresh or saltwater air rotary drilling.

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