Tri-Cone Bits

For Rotary & Motor Applications

Century Products offers a full line of made in the USA Tri-Cone™ Bits in both Tungsten Carbide Inserts (TCI) and Milled Tooth cutting structures. There are a variety of sizes and configurations in both the TCI and Milled Tooth cutting structures which allow our products to be tailored to specific drilling conditions.

Tri Cone Bit

Soft Formation TCI Bits
For shales, sandstones, limestones and dolomites

These Tri-Cone™ Bits are designed for maximum penetration rates. Bit tracking is virtually eliminated by combining a large cone offset, sharp chisel-shaped inserts and non-uniform tooth spacing. Shirttail protection along with carbide leg protection increases bit life for HDD applications.

Medium to Hard Formation TCI Bits
For medium-hard shales, limestones, sandstones and dolomites

These Tri-Cone™ Bits have moderately sharp conical or chisel inserts with a shorter extension. An increased insert count helps reduce breakage when drilling in harder formations. Full bottom hole coverage and non-uniform insert spacing results in smooth drilling at high penetration rates.

Hard Formation TCI Bits
For hard sandstones, granites, dolomites, quartzite and pyrites

These Tri-Cone™ Bits are designed to withstand high loads and drill abrasive conditions where rock is broken under high compressive point loads, with little scraping and gouging. Therefore, the cutting elements tend to be small, exhibit shorter protrusion and are more densely packed, which prevents the high compressive loads from breaking the tooth before it breaks the rock.

Tri Cone BitsFeatures:

  • Made In The USA
  • 3 7/8 – 12 ¼” Size Range
  • Multiple IADC Codes
  • Sealed Journal Bearing
  • Elastomer O-Ring
  • Synthetic Formulated Grease
  • Shirttail/Leg Protection
  • Stainless Steel Nozzle Retaining Rings
  • Premium Silver Plated Bushings & Thrust Washers

IADC Code Size Chart

CP 04X
CP 09X
CP 12X
CP 15X
CP 11A
CP 43X
CP 18X
CP 19X
CP 20X
CP 22X
CP 23X
CP 24X
CP 25X
CP 25Y
CP 28X
CP 31X
CP 32X
CP 30A
CP 31A
CP 33Y
CP 35X
CP 35Y
CP 38Y
CP 40A
CP 42X
CP 43X
CP 44X
CP 44Y
CP 45Y
CP 50Y
CP 55Y
CP 63Y
CP 66Y
CP 57Y
CP 72Y

2 3/8″ API 3 7/8″ X X X X X
4 1/2″ X

2 7/8″ API 4 5/8″ X
4 3/4″ X X X X X X X X
4 7/8″ X X X X
5″ X X X
5 1/8″ X X X X X
5 1/4″ X X X X X X X
5 1/2″ X X X X X X

3 1/2″ API 5 5/8″ X X X
5 7/8″ X X
6″ X X
6 1/8″ X X X X X X X
6 1/4″ X X X A
6 1/2″ X X X A X
6 3/4″ X X X X

4 1/2″ API 7 7/8″ X X X X X X&A X X&A X X
8 1/2″
8 3/4″ X X X X X X&A X
8 7/8″ A

6 5/8″ API 9 7/8″ X X
10 5/8″ X X X X
11″ X X X X A
12 1/4″ X X X X X X X X X
A=Air Bit
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