Multi-Seal™ – Blended Loss Circulation Material

Cetco Multi-SealPlugs formations that contain fractured sandstone, unconsolidated or highly permeable formations, natural fractures or vugs and cavernous type loss zones

Multi-Seal™ is blended in the proper ratio to produce the most effective seal with four types of materials:


  • flake material (cellophane)
  • granular material (nut shells)
  • fine fibrous material (Dragnet)
  • coarse fibers (cedar fibers


Multi-Seal™ contains no fermenting materials or materials that chemically change the rheological properties of the fluid, even polymer muds.


  • Regains circulation quickly
  • Assists in forming a fast effective bridge
  • Blended to have the proper particle size for maximum plugging
  • Most effective loss circulation material available
  • Available in 40 lb. bags