EZ FLOW 300 – Dry Polymer Gel Strength Enhancer

EZ Flow 300For crossings in sand, cobble & rock drilling in unconsolidated formations

EZ Flow 300 is a proprietary mixture of metal oxides and alkaline salts. It is specially formulated to augment gel strength in water and clay based drilling fluids. When added to bentonite based drilling muds, it increases gel strength without compromising viscosity for pumpability. EZ Flow 300 will flow freely during active drilling operations and will act as a solid to suspend cuttings during downtime. Flow can be resumed from the bottom of the hole even after several days. The result is a cleaner, more cost-efficient drilled hole.


  • Exceptional shear-thinning properties in bentonite muds
  • Excellent suspension of solids
  • Maximum cutting transport
  • Provides borehole stabilization
  • 100% inorganic and environmentally benign
  • Registered with international environmental agencies
  • Available in 5 lb. and 40 lb. bags
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