C/S Granular™ & Cetco® Crumbles

C/S Granular™ – 30 – 50 Mesh Granular Bentonite &
Cetco® Crumbles – 8 – 20 Mesh Granular Bentonite

CS granular Cetco crumblesFor sealing earthen structures as a hole abandonment material

C/S Granular™ and Cetco® Crumbles are granular bentonite products composed of polymer-free, dried bentonite clay in various mesh sizes.   Cetco® Crumbles are coarser in size than C/S Granular™.   Both products are certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 60, Drinking Water Treatment Chemicals – Health Effects.  Cetco® Crumbles may also be used with Accu-Vis™ to make a high solids grout.


  • Provides a positive seal
  • Will not shrink or crack
  • Re-hydrates
  • Less than 10% moisture
  • Available in 50 lb. multi-wall, water- resistant bags

NSF Certification

Also see Accu-Vis™