Innovative Research & Development

Innovative R&D

Rethinking The Tools of Today

This is the underlying philosophy of how Century Products works and thinks. Yes, we think we have great tools for today but as the HDD industry advances, so must the tools they use.

Partnering with you, our customer, we listen to your evolving needs, gather feedback on how our tools worked and analyze used tools for wear patterns. Keeping abreast of latest trends and technologies, we push the envelope for developing customer driven advancements in the industry.

Innovation Begins With Insight

The foundation of our research and development begins with you, our customer. By asking the right questions, digging in, understanding thoroughly, looking for better ways of getting the job done, we maintain our momentum of always looking to tomorrow. We can apply the right mathematical equation to numbers and adhere to detailed process control plans, but it is the insight we gain from you, our customer that helps us to capture a vision of the next generation of HDD Tools.

Challenging Conventional Thinking

Working to develop products for the harshest environments encountered requires the ability to look beyond the obvious. It is being willing to be the first when it comes to innovation. Such as being the first in the industry to offer a solid body design Hole Opener. Our philosophy is not the “this is how it has always been done” approach. We seek out ways to improve the tools used today so you don’t have to wait until tomorrow.