Engineering & Design Expertise

HDD Engineering - HDD Design - Horizontal Directional Drilling | Century Products IncDedicated Focus Leads To Optimized Performance

The demands and challenges faced in the horizontal directional drilling industry requires a dedicated commitment to bringing forth tools that will optimize drilling performance. Working with our customers in mind, we develop innovative solutions that differentiate us from the competition.

Incorporating key concepts that are gleaned from our extensive Research and Development, our in-house engineering facility offers comprehensive drilling tool solutions from conceptual design through product development.

Knowledge Leads To Innovation

A collaboration of forefront thinkers with extensive knowledge in the areas of product design, material specification and manufacturing techniques in the HDD Industry coupled with in-field analysis and customer feedback results in cutting edge solutions. Our team approach gives us the perspective we need to push the boundaries of where we want to be tomorrow, today.

Integrated Approach to Engineering

Proven design methods coupled with solid research and development is integrated into every final product release. We deploy the latest developments in software design, analysis, materials and manufacturing processes to deliver products that offer a comprehensive turn-key solution.

Our integrated development team approach links our design innovation and product development with our manufacturing process in order to optimize new product launch. We work closely with manufacturing partners to utilize their resources and technologies to ensure efficiency from development to production.

Fast-Track Product Development

From custom, one-of-a-kind solutions that incorporate customer specific operational and performance targets to industry leading off-the-shelf solutions, we bring to production products that help you go from pipe to profit quickly and cost effectively the first time with the right tool for the job.

Tell us what you are looking for or show us a rough drawing and we will take it from there. Working with the latest in 3-D modeling software, our dedicated engineering staff will provide you with a conceptual design of the custom tooling you are looking for. Upon further approval, our time-to-market response will be the quickest we can provide to get you doing what you do best – drilling holes!